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Announcement on 8th Shanghai International Youth Science & Technology Expo 2020 and “Science & Technology Stars of Tomorrow” International Tournament

Released on: October 18, 2019

Shanghai, a city of science and technology innovation.

Situated on the east coast of China, Shanghai is a city with profound historical and cultural heritage, as well as a modern and international metropolis. With a total area of 6,341 square kilometers and a population of over 25 million, the city has long been renowned for its prosperity and humanity. In recent years, standing at the forefront of reform and innovation, Shanghai has been dedicated to growing into a science and technology innovation center with global influence. While initiating a more thorough reform on education, it seeks to promote the high-quality development of education with a global and future-oriented vision. The education centering on science and technology innovation values students' improvement in curiosity, imagination, interest in science and technology, innovative thinking and practical ability. It aims to keep cultivating the science and technology literacy and innovation competence of the young, and support their individualized growth with science and technology innovation.

The 8th Shanghai International Youth Science & Technology Expo 2020 and “Science & Technology Stars of Tomorrow” International Tournament (hereinafter referred to as the Youth SciTech Expo) is scheduled to take place in this beautiful city in July 2020. During this grand event in the sector of science and technology, students and teachers from all over the world will gather together to envision the future of human life and technology development around the theme “Science · Innovation · Dream”. This year the Youth SciTech Expo is designed to function as a borderless interactive platform for science and technology, a stage for young science and technology enthusiasts to explore, study and cooperate, and a bridge for science and technology educators and administrators to learn and refer to the advanced experience in science popularization among the young!

I. Theme

Science · Innovation · Dream

II. Organizers

  Shanghai Municipal Education Commission

Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission

III. Events

The Youth SciTech Expo 2020 will feature a number of events, including the Exhibition on Youth SciTech Innovation Works, the “Science & Technology Stars of Tomorrow” International Tournament, the Exhibition on SciTech Innovation Education Resources, the SciTech Innovation Education Summit and Chinese traditional culture experience and exchange activities.

IV. Time

Late July, 2020

V. Participants & Audience

The Youth SciTech Expo 2020 is expected to attract teacher and student participants from all over the world, as well as tens of thousands of students and parents as visitors.

VI. Other Matters

Please see the specific events, schedule and registration method of the Youth SciTech Expo 2020 in Announcement No.2, which will be released on the official website (Shanghai Education Center of Science and Art: For any question, please contact the office of the Organizing Committee.


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