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Announcement No. 3 on 8th Shanghai International Youth Science and Technology Expo 2020 & “Rising SciTech Star” International Invitational

Released on: March 19, 2020


The 8th Shanghai International Youth Science and Technology Expo & “Rising SciTech Star” International Invitational (hereinafter referred to as the Youth SciTech Expo) was originally scheduled to take place in Shanghai from July 24 to 27, 2020. Due to the novel coronavirus situation, instead of being a physical event, the Youth SciTech Expo will be a virtual event, which will take place online in late July and consist of two major components, namely online exhibitions and online summits.

Online exhibitions will take the form of virtual exhibitions, including the Exhibition on Youth SciTech Innovation Works and the Exhibition on SciTech Innovation Education Resources, which will showcase accomplishments of global youth SciTech innovation education and works of SciTech innovation. Young people and organizations wishing to participate will register online and submit their works and exhibition materials online.Each exhibitor selected through review will receive an invitation letter and obtain a separateonline exhibition “booth”to demonstrate innovation works.

Online Summits will be streamed live online. The Summit of World-famousPrincipals and the Summit of SciTech Teachers will be held.The principals and teachers will communicate online to exchange and share novel ideas and methods of SciTech innovation education and explore new developments of future innovation education. Principals and teachers wishing to participate will register online and submit their speech outlines and related materials online. Each of the principals and teachers selected as a speaker at the summits will receive an invitation letter. The Organizing Committee will publish updatesand related information on a special webpage designed for the principals and teachers.

Make your achievementsknown and your voice heard by the world. The preparation for the Youth SciTech Expo is proceeding in good order. The online registration will officially open in May. Young students, principals, teachers and organizations from all over the world are welcome to send emails to us to make preliminary registration for the exhibitions and summits. Please pay attention to the announcements and notices released from time to time on the official website of the Youth SciTech Expo(the website of Shanghai Education Center of Science and Art: We are looking forward onlineto your joining us.


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